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Institute of Digital Engineering

Steve Rothberg - Pro-Vice Chancellor (Research) Loughborough University
David has professionally led the Advisory Board of DETC/IDE for almost 4 years and his resignation leaves us with the challenge to find a worthy successor who can help lead IDE into a new chapter. 

Oxford University

Stewart Millman,
David and I were colleagues and friends many years ago at University ( Oxford). We have not been close business colleagues but we have kept in touch over the years. Hence while I cannot vouch for his personal career achievements, I can vouch for him as a person: living cheek by jowl with someone for a few years does give you insight into their character and I have not been let down by the opinions of personality which I formed this way.

I would trust David implicitly - both for what is said and what is left unsaid (often more dangerous) - and rely on his self-description of where his skill-sets lie.

Procter & Gamble

Alan Rundle - David is a man of intelligence and integrity whom I have been privileged to know for more than 30 years.


Andy Austin, Owner at Interim Leaders and Dobson Lyle
David is one of the most professional and consumer facing international top executives that I have met. He is a man of principle, highly ethical and a considerate and effective leader. I would recommend him to any organisation without hesitation.


Ray Backler, Managing Director - Capsa Accounting Ltd - Online Systems
David was my boss when I was financial controller of the business he was running in Pillsbury. We worked very well together. David was creative and led the team well. We only parted company when I got promoted and his support helped me get that role. David went on to much bigger roles after our time together and I could tell he was a rising star.

Sony Corporation

Norio Ohga - former Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Sony Corporation
It is with regret to learn of the news that you are leaving our Sony family. We will certainly miss you. At the same time I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your valuable efforts and contributions to Sony.

I wish you all the best in your new position with a British plc.

Tsunao Hashimoto - former Corporate Advisor, Sony Corporation
I read your letter of resignation with a heavy heart, knowing that your decision must have been an extremely difficult one and also emotional. As I look back at the years you have been with Sony, I believe your countless efforts and devotion has been one of the largest factors of the growth of Sony UK and I send you my deep appreciation.

Mike Morimoto - former Corporate Senior Vice President Sony Corporation
You have achieved so many assignments that were essential to build today’s Sony European operations, and I am grateful for what you have done for Sony for ten years. Knowing that we have many thoughts in common, I must tell you that I was going to count on you for possible advice and comment on Sony’s business in Europe, especially in the area of Human Resources and Investor Relations which are my responsibility.

Suehiro Nakamura- former Corporate Executive Vice President Sony Corporation
The success you and your staff have achieved is significant and we appreciate your contributions to the company very much, it is obvious if we look at the records of sales growth.

Sony UK

Satoshi “Sam” Kakuda 35 year career with Sony including Marketing Director, Sony UK and MD, Sony New Zealand
His management style can be described by the words, Leadership through People Management, Strategic Business Approach with Knowledge Sharing with all the business concerns inside or outside of the organisation he leads.

I can see the reason why Sony UK leads the business performance amongst Sony subsidiaries during difficult times and, as I understand, the performance is remarkable after he has left the company, thanks to the strategic business structure and organization he has built through people.

I believe he can lead any organization where brand building is a challenge, globalization is a challenge, and creating new business opportunities is a challenge.

Norman Eley - Financial Controller Canon Europe
I worked for David as Financial Controller when he was MD of Sony UK.

David always made time to explain what was going on and what he was trying to achieve. Of course, this meant that I was well equipped to understand how I could contribute most effectively to the company’s objectives. More importantly, though, were the lessons that I learned from this for my own future development. David’s approach, conveyed by real life example and by gentle coaching, was to fully develop a vision; to involve others in creating that vision; to set a clear plan; to delegate; to trust; and to constantly check, challenge and encourage. It was a powerful formula that I have tried to emulate ever since, and which continues to help me to do my job effectively every day.

Brenda Jones Former Group Marketing Director, QinetiQ plc
During my ten years at Sony, David was a very effective mentor, constantly challenging me to aspire to higher levels of achievement.

He was instrumental in helping me gain promotion to one of the first Pan-European Marketing roles in the company, and later inspired me to attain director level appointments at IBM and QinetiQ.

David is a sound strategic thinker. His advice is measured and considered but with a special blend of toughness at all the right moments, which really worked for me.

David particularly developed my listening skills and personal insight.

His wisdom stays with me today, through many business dealings as well as the day to day challenges of corporate life. It would be a pleasure to recommend David as both a mentor and strategic consultant.

Jay Chinnadorai - former vice president Sony Europe
David is one of the most intelligent, results oriented and articulate Managers I have ever had the pleasure of working for. David has a great knack of understanding both the Big Picture as well as the details of any given business issue and also the unique ability to motivate the individual manager to deliver the results by themselves. Outside of the business world, David is also superb at maintaining links with his many and varied interests across the globe. I have enjoyed working with and knowing David over the past 16 years.

Geoff O'Sullivan - Financial Controller at Babcock
David was an excellent business director and manager as well as helping and mentoring staff to achieve their potential and business results in a Win/Win environment.

Ravi Arora - MD at Leadiology Worldwide Limited
A brilliant example of what a Leader can do, I've known David for over ten years and his accomplishments have been remarkable, for example taking £100m company to a £500 million company now that truly is a major achievement and deserves genuine credit.

Bharat Dave - MD at Victor Electronics Ltd
The qualities, vision and talents that David possess are endless and of the highest standard.


Joe Fields – former President, Speedo International.
David has a very agile, strategic mind that he employs with great enthusiasm. He has a keen sense of humor and it is always a pleasure to work with him and for him.

Alistair Cameron - Former Vice- President Speedo International
David was the MD of Pentland when I was VP of International at Speedo. He displayed Vision and sound judgement in terms of brand development internationally. Although he was MD he was very personable at all levels but in particular with our International partners.

Jane Bissett
Unfortunately I only had the opportunity to work for David for a relatively short time during which I benefited greatly from his structured and calm approach and from his wealth of experience. David was very supportive and whilst always willing to give help and advice, he gave me the time and space to work independently and under my own initiative. David was honest and open with both his praise and criticism and I always felt that he operated with the utmost integrity. I only wish I had had the opportunity to learn more from him.

NXT plc

Gordon MW Owen CBE -former Chairman, former CEO Cable & Wireless
In his role as Chief Executive David brought professional standards to the business. He established strong relationships with several world class manufacturing companies. This led to the introduction of groundbreaking products using NXT technology with several world class manufacturing companies... On a personal note I am sorry to see David leave. His sense of honour, loyalty and dedication have been second to none.

Martin Colloms, Author and Electroacoustics Engineer
I hope I have benefitted by experiencing your fine example of unfailing courtesy, experience, insight, quality of preparation and organisational skills.

Qm Group Ltd

Kelvin Mackenzie - Chairman Qm Group Ltd
David Pearson’s track record is second to none. He has a classical sales and marketing background and has worked for all the majors, Procter and Gamble, Mars, Pillsbury and the Pentland Group. But he made his name at that toughest of schools, Sony UK. In ten years he ran the consumer electronic products division ending up as Country Manager for Sony.


Peter Mitchell - NED - former Worldwide Brands Director Guinness
David Pearson is one of the most effective and thoughtful business persons I have ever known. And the energy and commitment he has brought to the business over the last year has been enormous. There is no one I know from my (not insignificant) business experience who could have done a better job in dealing with the difficulties Vividas has faced than David.


Neal Skelton - NED - innovITS Limited
David is a widely experienced executive with considerable skills in management at national and international levels. He helped innovITS secure its reputation and status following joining innovITS as Chairman and has consistently demonstrated a comprehensive range of skills and abilities as well as providing strategic direction and leadership. I fully endorse any supportive recommendation.

Walter Tuttlebee OBE - Chief Executive at Mobile VCE (Virtual Centre of Excellence)
David displays a rare breadth and valuable combination of skills. An incisive clarity of thought and perception, an ability to provide clear focus, complemented by strong interpersonal skills, clearly undergirded with integrity, all contribute to his effectiveness as a leader.

Phil Pettitt - CEO + Board Director
David works with discretion and tact as he analyses the situation with care.

Anthony Baxendale - Manager Advanced Engineering and Research, MIRA and former Board Director
Excellent board chairman able to lead board effectively in all respects. Highly recommended.


Giles Long MBE - Motivational Speaker & Author , Changing to Win
David's wide range of experience is an invaluable tool for planning and structuring a way forward to increase performance. His ability to succinctly hit on the areas that require attention is second to none and I can recommend him wholeheartedly

Rosemary Martin - former Chief Executive, Practical Law Company
I have enjoyed my year of membership, in particular the good counsel of David Pearson.

Charlie Wagstaff - MD and co-founder, Criticaleye
David has an enviable track record and is now fully immersed in his diverse rich portfolio career. For any of our Senior Executive Members of Criticaleye this practical experience of both sides of the 'table' is extremely attractive. When you then add his understanding of brands and marketing of four formidable brand names he has something very unique to bring. Finally, if you then sprinkle charm and the willingness to share this insight as a mentor you have something very special on offer.


Professor J. Hugh Davidson Businessman, Consultant, Author of Offensive Marketing and The Committed Enterprise, and Visiting Professor of Marketing at Cranfield University
I have known David for many years, mainly through the Procter & Gamble Club and the Marketing Society and regard him highly as do his peers.

Chris Griffin, Managing Director pi global and Founder, MarketAid
David is what MarketAid is all about, a very experienced marketer donating his skills into small charities to deliver strategic marketing. For nearly ten years David has been generous with his time and knowledge, helping chief executives of charities who have found his input invaluable. David's insight and humility gets him quickly to the root of the chief executive’s problem, from where he counsels or mentors them to resolve their strategic issues however large or daunting, acting as friend and advisor.

If only he could tackle every MarketAid brief.

Sarah Derbyshire CEO Live Music Now
I have been fortunate enough to work with David for almost three years now.  We were first in touch as my organisation – the music charity Live Music Now – was embarking on a major Organisational Review.  David's input has been invaluable in helping us address key issues, particularly relating to branding, marketing and structural change, in a systematic and productive way.  I have found his measured approach enormously helpful when tackling complex matters which required me to step back and take a long view.  We have successfully completed the Review, streamlined our structure, adopted a new Marketing Strategy which now underpins our approach to fundraising and created a Business Plan which is both ambitious and achievable.  The charity had little experience of implementing change across the spectrum of its activities, and without David I doubt that we would have done so as successfully.

David Clutterbuck - Senior Partner, Clutterbuck Associates
David is a very ethical and insightful leader and a strong, capable senior manager.

Ian Ryder - Deputy CEO, British Computer Society
I have known David for some years and he is the epitome of honest, straightforward knowledge on all matters relating to brand marketing and general management. A pleasure to know and work with.

Kedge Martin - former CEO of WellChild
David Pearson agreed to be my business mentor in 2002 at a time when I had recently become Chief Executive of WellChild, the national children’s health charity. Although I already had extensive business knowledge and was experienced in most aspects of organisational and financial management, the role was isolated and the support from an external, independent mentor was invaluable.

At my first session with David, it was immediately apparent that I had found someone with exceptional powers of strategic thinking and that I was in for a most stimulating and testing education. In the ensuing nine months, David challenged me to think much more rigorously, to constantly question easy assumptions and encouraged me to work towards a clear vision and strategy for the organisation’s future. All the sessions were probing, taxing, constructive and thoroughly enjoyable! Furthermore, under his guidance, I have radically changed the way I manage my time resulting in a significant rise in personal productivity and effectiveness.

I can thoroughly recommend David’s services to any individual or company that wishes to undergo a strategic health check. His mental clarity and mature experience will help you refocus your objectives and stimulate you towards greater achievement. I would be delighted to talk to anyone who has further questions.

Professor Malcolm McDonald - MA(Oxon) MSc PhD DLitt DSc
Emeritus Professor of Marketing, Cranfield University School of Management
David Pearson is one of the most experienced and talented marketing professionals I have ever met.

Stephen Robertson - Former Marketing Director Mattel, B&Q, Woolworth and WH Smith and Director General of the British Retail Consortium.
A rare man is David: possessed of a remarkable intellect, an insatiable curiosity about customers and a gift for seeing what really matters commercially. I've known David for many years as colleague at Mars, Inc., and through the Marketing Society where I was Chairman.


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