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Chris Evans on Virgin Radio 8 th May 1998

Talking about David Pearson after the Sony Radio Awards

Chris Evans "And the guy from Sony got up at the beginning and he gave this speech and he was very good, this guy, He looked like Bill Gates, didn't he?

He was very good, a very assured speaker in front of 1200 people. I really admire people who can do that. I can talk on the radio when no one can see me, and on the TV when no one's really there but to get up in front of that many people... I have a problem and I said to John, he was very good, this guy wasn't he? He was a good speaker and John said ..."

John "Well, Sony do have good speakers!"

In addition to countless presentations and speeches to corporate internal meetings, press conferences, shareholder and analyst meetings David has spoken at the following external and international events:

Date Location Event Subject Audience
2018 St Albans Cathedral University of Hertfordshire Graduation Ceremony Acceptance of Hon D. Litt. 1250
2016 New College, Oxford Conference  Marketing for Good is Good Marketing 80
2016 Ironmongers’ Hall  Marketors’ Founders’ Dinner Marketing for Good is Good Marketing 150
2016 City of London Boys’ School Award Ceremony Marketing as a Career   50
2016 Vintners’ Hall Wine Tasting Dinner Chilean wine 100
2016 Here East DE&Tc Spoke Launch DE & Tc 200
2016 Verulam Golf Club Marketors’ Golf Day Golf 90
2016 Mansion House Banquet to the Lord Mayor Marketing for Good 250
2016 New College, Oxford Marketors’ Conference Marketing for Good 80
2016 Westminster Kingsway College Class of Peter Jones Enterprise Academy Marketing 15
2016 Goldsmiths’ Hall Marketors Spring Luncheon Marketing for Good is Good Marketing 140
2016 Stationers’ Hall Marketors’ Installation Dinner Marketing for Good is Good Marketing 215
2015 Mercers’ Hall Marketors’ Founders Dinner Introducing Richard Eyre CBE 150
2015 Stationers’ Hall Marketors Spring Luncheon Introducing Lord Heseltine 150
2015 Cass Business School Marketors’ Seminar Data Protection 150
2015 Goldsmiths’ Hall Marketors’ Installation Dinner Introduce Dame Dianne Thompson DBE 220
2014 Cass Business School MBA Class B2B Marketing 150
2014 Guildhall Old Merchant Taylors Annual Lunch Which Apple Changed the World? 30
2014 Cass Business School MBA Lecture Innovation in Marketing 50
2014 Guildhall Marketors’ Seminar Marketing in the Boardroom 50
2014 Fujitsu 151 Regiment Subalterns’ Dinner Livery Companies and the Armed Forces 50
2014 Skinners’ Hall Marketors Spring Lunch Introduce Richard Curtis 120
2013 London CIO Connect Conference Technology Disruption 150
2012 Luton University of Bedfordshire Acceptance of Honorary Fellowship 300
2012 Loughborough SERT@GVC event- Aspects of Intelligent Mobility Panel Chair 40
2011 Coventry TSB Transport Technology & Innovation Centre Consultation - Rationale 75
2011 Luton University of Bedfordshire Graduation Ceremony President-Keynote 300
2011 House of Lords Launch of The Centre for Leadership Innovation Panel      50
2010 Luton University of Bedfordshire Graduation Ceremony President-Keynote 300
2009 Luton University of Bedfordshire Graduation Ceremony President- Keynote 300
2009 London Criticaleye "Today's marketer, tomorrow's growth leader?" 20
2008 London Criticaleye Aspiring NEDs 20
2008 Luton University of Bedfordshire Graduation Ceremony President- Keynote 300
2008 Minneapolis Blake School 40 th Anniversary of Graduation Forty Years On 40
2008 Birmingham ITS Conference Congestion Management 60
2007 Manuden Anglia Parents "A trip through Chile" 30
2007 Weybridge ITS Conference UK road user charging 100
2005 Las Vegas CES NXT conference 40
2004 Las Vegas CES NXT conference 40
2004 Seattle SID Award acceptance 200
2003 Las Vegas CES NXT conference 50
2003 Baltimore Society of Information Display(SID) NXT conference 40
2003 Hong Kong NXT Sales Conference Keynote 20
2003 Las Vegas Comdex NXT conference 40
2002 Las Vegas CES NXT conference 40
2002 Tokyo NEC Conference NXT SoundVu launch 200
2002 Las Vegas Comdex NXT conference 50
2001 Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show(CES) NXT Conference 50
2001 Lausanne IMD Sony Europa case study 50
2001 Frankfurt Nomura Technology Conference NXT 110
2001 Berlin IFA NXT conference 30
2001 Las Vegas Comdex NXT conference 40
2000 London Marketing Society awards Judge 500
2000 Sendai, Japan UK-Japan High Tech Forum Chairman- parallel session 30
2000 London CSFB Emerging Growth Conference NXT 200
2000 Las Vegas Comdex NXT launch Touch screen technology 50
1999 Munich ISPO New Speedo President 40
1999 Paris Pentland IBC International business 30
1998 Philippines Sony Dealer Conference "The digital edge" 180
1998 Brussels Sony Sales Conference Keynote- "Passion" 185
1998 Weybridge Sony Dealer Conference "The digital edge" 250
1998 Salzburg Sony Dealer Conference "Mozart's birthplace" 300
1998 London 16 th Sony Radio Awards Sponsor's Speech 1200
1998 London Political reception Sony UK 30 th anniversary 60
1998 London VAIO launch Keynote 120
1998 Perugia Ellesse International Conference Keynote 100
1997 Thailand Sony Dealer Conference "The Edge" 150
1997 Weybridge Sony Dealer Conference "The Edge" 300
1997 London 15 th Sony Radio Awards Sponsor's Speech- "Electronics- JJ Thompson" 1400
1997 Gleneagles Sony European Conference "Driving change in channel management" 100
1997 Leeds Castle Sony European HR Conference "Rotation" 40
1997 Strasbourg Sony Centre Conference "Competing for eyeballs, or hearts" 60
1997 Malta Sony camcorder Conference Closing speech- "Tribute to Malta" 120
1997 Weybridge Sony Dealer Conference Keynote 80
1996 Weybridge Sony National Accounts Back to the Future 70
1996 Penang Sony Centre Conference Back to the Future 75
1996 London Radio Awards launch Sponsor's welcome 175
1996 Southampton RETRA Conference "Current trends in consumer electronics" 200
1996 London 14 th Sony Radio Awards Sponsor's Speech- "Sony 50 th Anniversary" 1280
1996 Biarritz Sony European Conference "Supply chain innovation" 86
1996 Earl's Court Live'96 "The digital future is here" 150
1995 Barcelona Sony National Accounts "Commitment" 192
1995 Weybridge Sony Dealer Conference(3) "Commitment" 420
1995 London ITV Awards for Marketing " UK Marketing Hall of Fame " Acceptance Speech 530
1995 Marrakesh Sony European Conference Changing consumer markets 67
1995 Weybridge Sony Cellular Services Launch Keynote 100
1994 Madeira Sony National Accounts "To have what it takes" 50
1994 Lausanne IMD Senior Executive Seminar "Symphony Europa" 30
1994 London Sony Centre Conference "To have what it takes" 100
1994 Royal Albert Hall Sony Dealer Conference Symphony Europa 150
1994 Stockholm Sony Sweden Conference No 1 in Sweden 20
1994 Venice Sony European Conference "Double Digit Growth" Panel 70
1994 Aspley Guise Argos Marketing Conference "Consumer Electronics towards 2000" 35
1993 Maui Sony National Accounts The Inner Circle 50
1993 Nottingham Sony Centre Conference "The Point of Difference" 150
1993 Brocket Hall Sony TV Europe Conference Chairman, Panel 80
1993 Westminster Management Centre Europe "Marketing at Sony"